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We provide full package for CRM with strategy consulting and operation.

+ Software: Provide software, maintain & training how to use.
+ Resources: Recruit & training resources to adapt client objectives.
+ Facilities: fully equipped with modern facilities to serve fair or high workload from client’s request

Social media make business friendlier and form a closer relation with consumers. On this two-way-interaction At Imark we design the strategy for social media and also execute the plan.

+ Community development
+ Content management

At Imark, we propose mobile marketing solutions for brands. Mobile game apps, coupon apps and SMS & MMS are the key services. We customize the design for the different features of different brands. These services support the advertisers with their product features and brand images also create the interaction platform allowing advertisers to measure the effectiveness and also the feedbacks from their consumers.

Field Management Apps in Imark  contain a rich and growing set of features which may be added as a very specific function (e.g. capture a customer’s signature, taking sales order), or may incorporate a series of steps within a work flow (e.g. completing a work report).

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